Martin Luther created a reformation.


Our Goal is to force the Roman Catholic Church to implement the Forty Theses Against Clergy Abuse by raising such an outcry from Catholics and others from around the world that it can’t be ignored!

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 We are looking for “Digital Martin Luthers!” This letter presents an opportunity for you and your organization to participate in a global effort against Clergy Abuse. However, the timeframe is short and unalterable, so you need to act on this as quickly as possible to get your membership or readership geared up to be a part of this historically significant global protest against clergy abuse.

As you may or may not know, October 31, 2017 is the five-hundredth anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the church door at Wittenberg. This was an event that changed the face of the Roman Catholic Church, Christianity, Europe and the world. There is no better opportunity for the global Catholic Community to come together and tell the pope, the hierarchy and clergy that they are tired of the destruction of young lives, tired of one scandalous headline followed by another, tired of being ridiculed and just plain sick of the ineffective actions. The 500Th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting represents the ideal opportunity for Catholics around the world to cry out against clergy abuse in an attempt to put this shameful scandal and practice behind us.  Luther’s goal was to put an end to the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church in his day. The objective of this effort supersedes Luther’s. Our goal is to ensure the safety of children around the world by ensuring that the clerical culture which both condones abuse and fails to punish abusers comes to an abrupt halt.  A global response demanding the adoption of the Forty Theses Against Clergy Abuse can help us achieve this noble goal.

The Catholic Herald recently quoted the highly esteemed Cardinal Kurt Koch, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in his address at the Catholic University of America on May 30, 2017. This is what Cardinal Koch said, “If Martin Luther’s call for reform and repentance had found open ears among the bishops of the time and of the pope in Rome, the reform intended to be initiated by him [Luther] would not have become the Reformation.” Further along in his talk, “Cardinal Koch also pointed out that the reforms Luther called for were not extraordinary in their time: similar reforms were gaining traction elsewhere.” There is nothing extraordinary about wanting to protect our children from being sexually abused by clerics and seeking redress when it occurs. Today’s bishops like those in Luther’s day have the same problem; they have closed their eyes, ears and hearts to change therefore, it is time to emulate Martin Luther and demand change.

Clergy Abuse Scandal has rained both scandal and infamy down upon the Roman Catholic Church and all its members. Priests have gone from once respected members of the community to the butt of all manner of jokes. Cardinals and bishops have squandered their integrity with their lies and flimsy excuses for not removing sexually abusive priests. The Royal Commission of Australia, The Ferns or Dublin Reports coming out of Ireland and any number of Grand Jury investigations in the United States have consistently found that the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has turned a blind eye to child abuse by its clerics. This is a crisis of global proportions! Even the tiny atoll country of Guam has been marred by multiple accusations of sexual abuse by clergy. Three consecutive papacies have delivered nothing but lip service on the subject. The most recent evidence of this was the withdrawal by, Marie Collins, from Pope Francis’ Commission on Child Abuse. She was the last victim/member on the Commission withdraw. Having had enough of the charade, she cited a failure to move ahead due to the resistance to change, but at the same time, she unequivocally proved the need for a global effort such as the Forty Theses Against Clergy Abuse.  Digital Martin Luther’s can make that happen.

As history has so richly proven, the Roman Catholic Church will not change unless there is a groundswell to push them into action.  Clergy sexual abuse is a global problem and it is going to take the universal “Body of Christ” to stop it. The dismal failure of both recent popes and the Curia to put an end to this problem has shifted the onus onto the laity. It is now the duty and responsibility of every Catholic to make their voice heard lest by their silence, they become accomplices in the world-wide abuse of children by the clergy.

You will find a copy of the Forty Theses Against Clergy Abuse below.  As Cardinal Koch pointed out above, Luther’s demands were not extraordinary; neither are the common sense demands of the Forty Theses Against Clergy Abuse. Now is time to launch a unified global effort against Clergy Abuse. We want every member of your organization to become a “Digital Martin Luther!” Martin Luther is supplying a once in a lifetime backdrop for every Catholic in the world to express their desire to end clergy abuse.  We can do this together on October 31, by emailing copies of the Forty Theses to every priest, bishop, cardinal, diocese and yes, even the pope. We can post them on social media pages and physically post them in a legally approved manner where they will have the greatest impact. This endeavor will require a concerted effort to become a unified global message. My hope and prayer is that you will do your part to make this event happen. Evil thrives when good people remain silent. If you or your organization won’t stand up for a global effort against child abuse, ask yourself, “What will you stand up for?” Who will you be: The sheep? A Shepherd?  A solution? Or just another silent part of the problem?

  • Are you willing to take just 10 minutes of your time to tell the Vatican you want them to put an end to clergy abuse?

  • Are you willing to lend your voice to help put an end to the scourge of Clergy Abuse?

  • Are you sick and tired of the never-ending parade of sordid headlines from around the world, which stain the Body Of Christ and are an embarrassment to all Catholic? Now is your chance to do something about it.


All you have to do is copy the Forty Theses Against Clergy Abuse found below and email, mail, fax or social media send them to the Vatican, your cardinal, your bishop and your pastor.

This is a list of all living bishops courtesy of the Vatican. Go to your bishop and/or cardinals name and follow the links for his email address.

Since the pope does not have a public email address, you will have to email it to his Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin who can be reached at these email addresses:   vatio26@relstat-segstat.va; vatio23@genaff-segstat.vavatio32@relstat-segstat.va

While you are at it, you can also send the Forty Theses to the Congregation for Clergy: clero@cclergy.va and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace: PcJustPax@JustPeace.va

The easiest way to send you message is social media. On October 31, 2017, The 500 Anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses, tweet the following to the pope at these addresses:

Pope Francis, “Stop clergy abuse implement the Forty Theses.”

Pope Francis @Pontifex

Papa Francisco @Pontifex­_pt

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The Forty Theses Against Clergy Abuse


  1. The pope and the Vatican of the Catholic Church must join the world in recognizing the sexual abuse of children is a criminal act.
  2. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church must change its policy on clerical abusers to demand under penalty that they report cases of abuse to their local civil authorities regardless of whether it is mandated by local law.
  3. Sexual abuse is a criminal act and it is incumbent upon the Catholic Church to stop hindering police investigations into matters involving clergy abuse.
  4. The Catholic Church must publicly admit that the criminal activities of errant priests can in no way benefit either the well-being or future of the church.
  5. The Pope must immediately release and open for public inspection all secret files contained in dioceses throughout the world including the Vatican that have information relating to clerics that have abused children.
  6. The Catholic Church must release and make public the names of all priests, bishops, and cardinals who have had credible accusations of sexual abuse made against them, their current status and their current location.
  7. The pope must, in writing, free all survivors of clerical abuse from their confidentiality agreements “Gag Clauses” made with any diocese around the world in order to let victims of clergy abuse speak freely.
  8. The Vatican will demand of each offending clergy member, as applicable, as an act of atonement, that they will, in writing, declare null and void any and all private confidentiality agreements “Gag Orders” made between them and their victims.
  9. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Secrecy, when used to hide failings is pride in disguise. A church keeping secrets becomes a darkened wasteland. Secrets create the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of nefarious and malignant growths. Secrecy is a cesspool fertilizing the dregs of humanity and creating offspring that are as rotten as the offal from which they spring. The abundance of slime generated by the Roman Catholic Church’s cesspool became so large it spilled over its banks and ran into the light where it was laid bare to the world. The culture of secrecy regarding sexual abuse must end!
  10. The Pope and the Vatican must release all secrets of the “Holy Office” related to clergy abuse or any other form of abuse perpetrated by the clergy and forever disavow the practice of keeping scandalous actions a secret.
  11. All secret letters, communications and instructions issued to cardinals and bishops worldwide such as “Crimen Sollicitationis” are to be declared null and void.
  12. The pope will issue an encyclical reconfirming the love of Jesus for children and that none should be harmed as they, and not the clergy are our greatest treasure.
  13. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church must recognize in writing that our children are our future and if the church is to have one, their future too.
  14. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church must acknowledge that all children have the inalienable right to grow up without being sexually abused by any priest, brother, nun or lay minister.
  15. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church must acknowledge that children have the right to attend mass, serve on the altar and attend church functions without being molested.
  16. The Church must acknowledge that parents have the right to expect that their children will not be sexually abused, molested or otherwise harmed by priests, nuns or deacons while engaged in religious activities.
  17. The Church must declare in the simplest of terms that the sexual abuse of children is against God’s Law, Natural Law, and publicly restate that abuse is against both Canon Law and the proscriptions of the Catechism.
  18. The church must admit that in the past, when it came to sexual abuse of children by clergy, they have had no rules, no order, no discipline, no desire to change, and make a sacred promise to rectify this wrong.
  19. Having recognized the above to be true, they must take the actions necessary to enforce the changes listed in theses one through fifteen.
  20. Accept all members of the Catholic Church have the right to expect exemplary behavior out of those who would answer the call of ordination and the right to receive justice when the clergy falls short.
  21. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church will accept the fact that the priesthood is comprised of men who are mere mortals, some of whom have a penchant for evil
  22. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church must remove all clerics quickly and decisively upon learning that their behavior endangers the safety and welfare of any child.
  23. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church must acknowledge that the priesthood is a “privilege” and not a “right.” Privileges can and should be revoked when abused.
  24. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church must understand that the privilege of serving as a priest must be revoked when the actions of a priest endangers the welfare of children.
  25. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church must publicly acknowledge the many different types of abuse being committed by their clergy.
  26. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church must stop trying to make clergy abuse a homosexual issue and accept that both boys and girls have been sexually abused by clergy.
  27. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church must admit that females: children, teens and adults are and have been victims of clerical sexual abuse.
  28. It is incumbent on the Catholic Church to recognize and accept the equality of men and women in the eyes of both man and God in all matters, not only sexual abuse.
  29. The Catholic Church must recognize the rights of all victims of sexual abuse and their families to be hurt and angry.
  30. The church must beg for forgiveness, not expect it.
  31. The church must make amends to all those that have been sexually abused by its clergy.
  32. The church must make amends to all those who have suffered at their hands because of their efforts to expose these grievous criminal actions.
  33. The Catholic Church must recognize their moral and spiritual obligation to help victims and their families work through the anger and pain caused by clerical abuse and the their indifference toward predatory priests and clergy.
  34. The hierarchy and all clerics must adhere to the wishes of the current Holy Father who said, “”All bishops must carry out their pastoral ministry with utmost care in order to help foster the protection of minors, and they will be held accountable,” and his two predecessors: Pope Benedict XVI, who said: “Victims should receive compassion and care, and those responsible for these evils must be brought to justice.” And John Paul II who said, “There is no place in the priesthood or religious life for those who would harm the young.”
  35. All members of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church who were themselves abusers, covered-up for abusers or shuffled abusers should immediately tender their resignations in order to abide by the wishes of the current pope and the last two.
  36. If the hierarchy of the Catholic Church who covered up and shuffled predator priests, which caused considerable harm to children do not resign, it is incumbent upon the pope to force them from religious life or quarantine them to insure the safety of children.
  37. The church must publicly admit that there is a culture within the priesthood that encourages sexual abuse, a hierarchy that condones it, and vow to make a concerted effort to change that culture and rid themselves of those who refuse to change.
  38. The hierarchy has brought grave scandal down upon the Roman Catholic Church and a just penalty is demanded for those who facilitated this scandal.
  39. For the shame, scandal and scorn that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has brought down upon, the laity, the people of God, the good Catholics who have been driven from the church and the generations the hierarchy has lost for the church: an appropriate penance is demanded.
  40. Create a day of Holy Obligation for all members of the clergy to attend a mass once a year which is to be dedicated to remembering all the victims of clergy abuse, the damage done by scandal and to pray that a scourge like this never again plagues the church or any other organization.


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Vinnie Nauheimer was brought into the Clergy Abuse arena when the pastor of his church tried to molest his then 12 year-old son in his own home. After a vicious legal fight with the NY Archdiocese, he succeeded in having the priest removed and subsequently defrocked. The incident opened his eyes to the pervasive culture and scale of clergy abuse in the Roman Catholic Church and he has been a crusader against it for the past twenty years. He has brought all of his considerable talents to bear on the Clergy Abuse Scandal; an effort unequalled by any other individual using letters, essays, cartoons, poetry and paintings.  He is the most prodigious advocate of survivors of clergy abuse that you have never heard about.

Vinnie  has written three books, a play, and numerous essays on Clergy Abuse. His essays, poetry, artwork and cartoons can be found on websites around the world.  He has written: Epistles on Clergy Abuse a chronological history of his fight with the NY Archdiocese, which led to the defrocking of his son’s perp. God Damn Bishops and Priests, which contains his essays and assorted writings directed at the prevailing culture of clerical sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church and the blatant lies they have fed the laity in order to protect their positions. Silent Screams, Poetry Born of Clergy Abuse, a book of poetry that addresses clergy abuse and survivor feelings.  He curates two Facebook pages: “The Clergy Abuse Collection,” where he features his paintings, poetry, artwork and cartoons: “The Wisdom of Pope Francis’ Ass.” https://www.facebook.com/clergyabuseartcollection He also hosts the “Forty Theses Against Clergy Abuse” pages on both FB and the Internet which give clear cut directions. https://www.facebook.com/FortyThesesAgainstClergyAbuse


You can reach Vinnie Nauheimer @ Fortytheses@aol.com


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